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April 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One supplement that tastes kind of nasty but is vital for your health is MSM.  I take 3 tablespoons a day dissolved in water.  I buy the expensive, organic MSM because when you buy the organic sulfur, it is more effective.  Why is MSM so important?  Well, there are so many thing is does but that which is most relevant to this blog post is that MSM taken in such high dosages can regenerate all the cartilage in your joints.  Many men end up with hip replacements – not so much because of trauma or wear from heavy lifting and kicking, but because one often spends most of one’s lifetime with hips out of alignment which wears down the joints.  The lack of hip alignment is related to sexual energy blockages, prostate problems, and the need to take beta sitosterol in later life.  So it behooves a man to resolve the structural issues in his hips, by taking Thai boxing classes and kicking bags, or whatever.  The problem is that you need to take good care of those hips joints – especially when you are trying to unlock them, because the body won’t unlock if it feels it will put itself at risk.  You must make sure your hips are ready to operate in their new space – so regrow that cartilage!


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