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Are You One Of Those Guys Who Suffers From BPH Or Prostatitis And Has Tried Saw Palmetto or Beta Sitosterol...Only To Find They Do Just A Little Bit, Then Nothing - And You Still Have To Get Up Three Times A Night?

My All-Natural Prostate Supplement Has Given Results In As Little As 3 Days, Because My Prostate Formula Uses Chinese Herbs - With A Track Record Thousands of Years Long. So Stop Worrying About Prostate Cancer And Take Charge Of Your Prostate Health!

Nothing is worse then trying to go about your daily business, and having to plan you life around stopping to use a bathroom. Most of the time you feel like you just never "empty out" completely. Who would have thought that something so simple - and so statisfying, could be turned into a form of torture?

Trying to go about your nightly business of sleeping is even worse, as getting up several times a night to use the bathroom deprives you of sleep - sleep that you need to be fully recharged upon awakening. Getting up once and then drifting back to sleep may actually be pleasurable, but several times a night? No way...

Then there is the "golf ball" feeling in your rectum - or even worse, the burning sensation when you urinate or climax. Makes you feel like you have some sort of STD or something... So you go to your urologist... and what does he say? His diagnosis is either "BPH" or "prostatitis."

His solutions? Antibiotics that destroy your stomach or have other side-effects... Surgeries that may leave you impotent or incontinent... You mean millions of men suffer from prostate problems and these are your only options?

And in the back of your mind, two words are always stalking you: "Prostate" and "Cancer."

So you go to your corner vitamin store, and all you see are products containing saw palmetto and/or beta sitosterol. You wonder, "If these solutions are so effective, why are prostate problems still at epidemic levels?" Yet you see no other options so you pick the brand you find most trustworthy and give it a try.

Months go by and you find yourself waiting for results that never materialize. Maybe you got off your doctor's prescription prostate medication, and now you are afraid that any day, you will go back into urinary retention. What to do?

Enter Prostate Magic®. An all-natural prostate formula that you can feel working in days. No more wondering if you are making progress towards relief. You will simply get relief! It's So Effective, You Can Even Go Back To Having A Few Beers On The Weekend!

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The Chinese herbs in Prostate Magic®:

Supports Both BPH and Prostatitis

Are you tired of spending all that money on a parade of bottles that clutter the top of your refrigerator? Prostate Magic® stops you from going into urinary retention and simultaneously fights inflammation.

Take Your Mind Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate Magic® balances DHT and estrogen the natural way. No more wondering if your prostate formula is doing anything, because you can feel it working - Prostate Magic® gives results in days.

Daily Doses That Actually Support Prostate Health

Many supplement companies formulate their products with sub-optimal dosages. This saves them money and allows for a a greater profit margin on every bottle sold. Plus, you keep on buying their product month-after-month while you wait for it to work! Prostate Magic® contains a daily dose of over 3,500mg of active ingredients that works so well, we don't worry about profit margins or customer retention.

Proprietary Herbal Formula Without Saw Palmetto

Our 100% pure and all-natural Chinese herbs are a dietary supplement, not a drug. Say goodbye to the side-effects of pharmaceutical solutions, and the fear of having your stomach destroyed by antibiotics.

Freshness and Safety With No Saw Palmetto Side Effects

High sales volumes ensure that our tablets are always hot of the tablet press so you never have to worry about our product passing its' expiration date while sitting on your kitchen shelf. Our FDA-registered facility fills unbreakable, tamper-proof bottles that are both induction-sealed and shrink-banded for extra security.

Easy To Swallow Tablets

Our gluten-free tablets are ergonomically shaped and very smooth so they go down easy! We never use artificial flavors or colors, so there is no funny aftertaste and no need to burp.

A True Value In Both BPH & Prostatitis Treatment

In these hard economic times, nothing is more aggravating then a bottle filled 1/3 of the way with tablets. Each bottle of Prostate Magic® contains 120 tablets - a true 1 month's supply in every bottle.

Customer Satisfaction Proudly made in the USA, we offer a 60 day return policy, and 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping through the United States Postal Service.

The bullet-points that follow are excerpted from research studies on specific herbs that can be found on our scientific research page. These bullet-point s and research materials are put forth ONLY to demonstrate the "sheer nutritional goodness" within every bottle of Prostate Magic®. Prostate Magic® is NOT INTENDED for those with prostate cancer and this website is neither STATING nor IMPLYING a cure, prevention or treatment for prostate cancer. If there were such a product, it would be all over the news. Once again, if you have prostate cancer you need to get off this web page and seek the advice and treatment of your doctor, and your best defense againt prostate cancer is early detection, which is accomplished through regular checkups from your doctor.


  • Contains a super-charged combination of stigmasterol, campesterol and brassicasterol.
  • Possess anti-inflammatory effects in both acute and sub-acute inflammation.
  • Could inhibit tumor growth by 31%-40%.
  • Can significantly inhibit urinary calcium oxalate and renal stone formation.
  • Has induced apoptotic cell death in human hormone-resistant prostate cancer PC-3 cells in a time-and concentration-dependent manner.
  • Contains a potent anti-aging compound found in red wine that thas been found to cut a man's risk of prostate cancer in half!
  • Sweeps dangerous, cancer-causing free radicals from the body.
  • Reduces cell proliferation, curtailing the number of cell divisions that could lead to cancer or the continued growth of cancer cells.
  • Enhances apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which helps rid the body of cancerous cells.
  • Reduces levels of circulating male hormones such as DHT that fuel the growth of prostate cancer.
  • Inhibits the conversion of estrogen and decreases the synthesis of the aromatase enzyme.
  • Is effective at preventing several stages of carcinogenesis.

Here's the bottom line: Prostate Magic® is an easy, affordable way to get back the prostate you had as a teenager!

Order our prostate formula and say goodbye to saw palmetto side effects!