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This guy is a scholar when it comes to analyzing trends in gender dynamics and most of the comments by his readers are pretty enlightening.  I think all men (the younger they start the better) should be reading all of his posts and it’s pretty much all they’d ever need to read to be successful with women and stay out of trouble.

The danger when reading these sorts of blogs, of course, is to get caught up in negativity and this paradigm that you are either an “alpha” or a “beta” and in perpetual conflict with other men and all this sort of thing. Of course this is all true, but even within this truth one can find islands of amazingness…

The best thing you can do to avoid being sucked into negativity is to take a course like http://shamanicdearmoring.com/ and practice their methods of self-empowerment for about 2 years.  At the same time, get an IFBB personal trainer and diet coach and do whatever it takes to develop a kick-ass physique.  Make yourself as beautiful as you can be physically and as internally empowered as you can be.

As The Kybalion points out, one of the ways to escape the pendulum is to rise above it!

Then, keep your eye open for women of real quality. They are rare as meteorite metal but they are out there.  Women of quality are feminine as hell.  That’s their primary trait.  What’s interesting is that a woman can’t be feminine unless she either had amazing parents, or did a ton of genuine self-development.  Because… otherwise she will have suffered a lot of trauma in childhood and therefore been convinced to turn away from her feminine side.

A lot of this alpha/beta stuff can be risen above by simply becoming a real man and attracting to yourself a real woman.

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