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April 7th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

I just finished reading this book.

It’s quite amazing that a simple book written by a female psychiatrist in the late 1950s would be able to sum up everything about what is wrong with male/female dynamics these days.

What the book is basically about is this: most women grow up today in a household where the man is either not present, has abandoned the family, abuses the mother, etc.  Without a loving, masculine father who is capable of inspiring the mother’s surrender, a young girl not only has no role models for success as a woman – she also gets the clear message that to be feminine is to be weak, and that one should never surrender to a man.

Because a woman cannot surrender to a man, she cannot have deep, full-body orgasmic experience no matter how much sex she has.  The inability of a woman to engage with a man in an orgasmic fashion, slowly erodes the masculinity of her husband and destroys her marriage – if she is even lucky enough to have one.

Now bring in the corporate machine which tells her “you should be a strong, independent woman with a career – you don’t need a man” and then proceeds to pimp her out and discard her.

Certainly, frigidity and spending most of the day working for someone outside the family is the death-knell of a woman’s psychological health!

So this book spells out the problem, and then provides practical solutions for solving the problem of female frigidity and restoring happiness to relationships between men and women.

What’s so interesting, is that women today don’t believe they are frigid because they are capable of a few clitoral orgasms or have a few cervical spasms during intercourse.  The author of this book is very clear that this is not a woman’s full orgasmic potential.  To understand first and foremost that there is a problem is critical to being able to solve it!

This book contains detailed case studies and further reading which break down the various combinations of developmental trauma that lead to the different types of frigidity and then brings up solutions.

Naturally, childhood trauma has a parallel effect on boys who fail to grow into men, but this is not covered in this book.  It would be cool if such a book were written though, and speed to healing process for both genders.

If you take away anything from this review, it should be that it is critical to seek women out who had parents who were loving and devoted to each other and had orgasmic sex all the time because this means that you won’t have to invest such an incredible amount of energy in bringing them to an orgasmic space.  All it will require is that you do your job as a man, without having to do the job of a psychiatrist!  Sadly, it is not easy to find such feminine women, however the more masculine you become, the easier it will be to attract them into your world.

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