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May 17th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

There has been a lot of drama lately in the news and social media about AJ’s decision to get a double masectomy because she was told she carries a gene that is believed puts one at very high risk for getting breast cancer.

I always noticed that her breasts were droopy and lifeless, so the first though I had was that she must have been looking for an excuse to get breast implants without being branded as shallow, or fighting the hands of time.

However, one must remember that AJ is more than meets the eye.  Here is a woman who used to wear a vial of her lover’s blood around her neck, and has an inverted cross tattooed above her vagina.  She also is like the UN ambassador for something or other, and anything with the UN smacks of the New World Order and the transhumanistic movement.

So, while everything in this blog post is pure speculation on my part, I view AJ as an archetype of sorts, and celebrity archetypes have power over the common people.  So what is the message to the masses contained in this story?

Well, we must remember that while reproductive cancer manifestations have many components such as environmental toxins, or a diet that is deficient in certain nutrients, there is also the emotional or spiritual component.  Women who get breast cancer have an energetic imbalance just like men who get prostate cancer have one as well.

But this is largely ignored.

See, women today tend to operate energetically in the world as men.  They deny their femininity and dismiss it as worthless, while over-embracing their masculine energy.  One of the consequences of this decision of their is breast cancer.  But rather then address this factor, what AJ is doing, is saying that all you have to do is remove your natural breasts and replace them with a synthetic, unreal copy of your breasts that look great but have no vitality whatsoever.  Then you can continue to operate in the world as a man without having to pay a price.

But you do pay a price, and the fact that she thinks she gets away because she removed her breasts is insane.  Then again, considering how lifeless her breasts were before, she won’t even notice the difference.

I mean, would any guy cut off his balls because some doctor said he had a genetic predisposition towards testicular cancer?  Of course not.

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