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Men often have too much fluid gunked up inside of their reproductive organs.  The tension needs to be released, and the gunk drained, and suddenly the problem is no more.  The issue of how to release tension in the pelvis is complex, and of course I recommend Shamanic Dearmoring as the optimal method, but going to the gym and doing bent over rows and t-bars with a wide stance, and taking Thai boxing classes 2 x per week where you kick the bags for 1 hour straight will also be of big help.

What is equally important though, is the issue of draining out the backed-up fluid from the man’s reproductive organs.  Your best tool is to use the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Wahl 2-speed all-body massager for this purpose.  What we will be doing with these tools, is inducing healing wet dreams as much as we want.

What I recommend you do is put the massager under your penis on the underside of the shaft close to the head.  Do this until you ejaculate.  Feel free to loop your favorite moments in porn using VLC media player (free download) or whatever floats your boat.

When you cum using this technique, it will be like a wet dream.  No sperm will come out (usually), just prostatic fluid and other gunk.  Wait 30-60 minutes and do it again.  You can also masturbate with a hard cock, ejaculate when you are at maximum hardness and excitement, then wait 30-60 minutes and use the massager once.

The second time you ejaculate with the massager, the fluid that comes out will be like crazy glue.  I am serious.  Super sticky.  You can glue your cock to your leg or underwear with it!  But, this stuff NEEDS to come out.

You can do this daily – look at it like you are inducing wet dreams at will.  You won’t lose much energy at all or be tired.

Over time, you will clear out your reproductive organs, and also find your premature ejaculation problem (if you have one) gone.

A most useful technique!  It isn’t enough to massage your prostate, it is also necessary to get it to expel on a deep level.  Enjoy!

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