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April 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So Warren Buffet got prostate cancer, and the father of someone I know got cancer as well in his prostate.  What’s up with all of this?  Sometime I gotta talk about more then just beta sitosterol, and this is one of those days.  Like I have often said before, the issue is guys not sacking-up because they delude themselves about reality and how serious things really are.  Flights of fancy are the realm of women, but even women are stone-cold realists when compared to most men.  Take this article I saw today in the New York Times.  What a bunch of sleight-of-hand…  People trying to blame divorces on “living together” prior to getting married.  The article dodges the plain truth, which is that most RELATIONSHIPS are entered into by women with NO INTENTION that they work out, and this bad intention starts on DAY ONE.   There is nothing special about marriage as opposed to cohabiting other then it is the the coup-de-grace that she administers, and it allows a woman to obtain total control over her man. I know it’s hard for a man to grasp this, but why do you think 90% of divorces are initiated by women?  Seriously people, these things are just so obvious.

Here is the problem.  Men betray themselves all the time and this is reflected in their prostate glands.  It’s like I always say you can predict the entire relationship based on the 1st date…  If you are awake.  Everything is determined in the beginning.  Slow your roll to the point that you can see the flow of every conversation, thought and interaction – and watch for all those places you compromise your vision for the relationship when your new woman tests your resolve.  It is up to you as the man to shape the relationship into what you see fit, just as you shape every other aspect of your life.  Remember, you are supposed to be a law unto yourself and your prostate is a measure of your successes or failures in this regard.


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