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April 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So the other day I was in Arizona for a 2-day rest and I walked into a local lab and had my blood tested for hormonal stuff.  Particularly my thyroid gland.  I had taken enormous quantities of iodine and iodide over the course of 1.5 years.  I mean, I am talking about approaching 1 gram per day.  This is the kind of stuff that the mainstream would advocate calling poison control.  They would say I should be dead.  But I’m not.  Eventually I did develop hyperthyroid symptoms while my TSH numbers indicated extreme hypothyroid.

So I stopped.  That was over 1 year ago.  Symptoms went away the next day.

I embarked on that journey because I was reading everything I could on iodine deficiency and its’ effect on the health of the body – specifically the prostate.  Then I decided to test some extreme practices that were advocated about a century ago with respect to iodine consumption.  It was fun, but I think my body has absorbed enough iodine to last me the rest of my life. lol

Anyway, I had very detailed bloodwork done on my thyroid, and everything is just fine. :)   My estrogen is also very low, and the rest of my hormones are just fine.

The problem with the endocrine system is that nobody really knows how it works.  I am serious – I’ve talked with endocrinologists, read medical textbooks, read everything on the internet.  Nobody really knows how this thing works past a certain point, and many sources are in conflict.  So you get simplistic advice like “take beta sitosterol” or “DHT is the problem” and it’s just all a bunch of idiocy…

Even more unfortunate is that certain states like New York and New Jersey have such a powerful medical lobby they block cheap and easy access to extensive medical testing for the public.  States like Arizona allow more sovereignty for their citizenry.  If you live in a state that is cool like Arizona or travel to one, then take advantage of what these states have to offer and get yourself tested and make adjustments to your lifestyle based on your test results.


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