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January 7th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So today I went from trap-bar deadlifting to deadlifting with a straight bar, but in sumo-style to keep the stress of my Achilles tendons.  A few years back I ingested a certain antibiotic that sometimes causes tendon rupture.  I only took one tablet but it hit me so hard I could barely pick up my arms and I had trouble walking for like 2 months.  I had an MRI of my ankles some time after and while my tendons were fine the surrounding tissues had permanent damage and I always have pain, even years later.

But you can’t stay scared forever so today I began regular deadlifting and I went heavy with 5 very difficult reps.  The cool thing is I have less pain then ever now that some hours have passed, and it is good to be back lifting heavy for my lower body.  My numbers are a bit low but should be going back up over the next year or two.  When I was done with rep # 5 I exclaimed “Fuck yeah!”  What is so cool is before I did deadlifts I was deep squatting, and my structure shifted majorly while doing so which created even more relaxation around my prostate.  Most people won’t squat deeply, because deep is where your demons dwell – which is often why you have a prostate problem to begin with.


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