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January 8th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

In the new year is a good time to map out all of your goals that you want to accomplish in all areas of your life.  If you don’t know how to achieve them, then you should write down that you need to find out how to do so.  Maybe the first few years you won’t know exactly what you want/need in life, but if you write down whatever you think it is at the time – and pursue it, then over time your goals will automatically refine themselves over-and-over like a blacksmith folding steel… until you come down to the essence of what you want out of life in terms of feeling and experience.  At that point, you’ll need to intensify your efforts to achieve what you desire.  Once you are sure of what you want and have a method to achieve it, you must take advantage of your good fortune and go after it like a pitbull!  Because what happens is life is like a marathon and it is easy to just start slacking and go to sleep instead of hitting the gym, download a movie instead of going out and meeting a beautiful women, etc.  When looked at honestly, life is often not so hard when broken down into daily actions that add up like interest in the bank.  Yet at the same time, such discipline is incredibly hard in a world which offers few rewards.  Nonetheless, your prostate will thank you for standing up for your dreams.


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