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I’ve been immortalized on Pages 124 and 307 of this incredible book for my neck-bridging feats of strength that I pulled off 10 years ago. What an honor to be mentioned in the follow-up to Paul Wade’s best-selling “Convict Conditioning!” For those of you who resonate with the spirit of old-tyme strongmen such as The Mighty Atom and Slim Farman, you will resonate with the work of Paul Wade. Buy it now!

I always stress that working out is so important for being in-integrity as a man, and it is very important for your prostate health as a result.  So forget about taking saw palmetto, take Prostate Magic and follow the workout routines described in this book!

I originally got into body-weight exercises when I discovered Matt Furey and his “Combat Conditioning” but Paul Wade really stepped-up the whole bodyweight game with his best-selling “Convict Conditioning” because insiders know that all those groups like the Bartendaz got all their skills from guys in prison – most of them were probably in prison themselves, for all I know…

So what Paul Wade does is he gives you insight into the training methods used behind the wall.  Keep in mind there are no supplements in prison, and the food is horrendous.  All those impressive physiques are built via hard work and hard rest.


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