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March 22nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As I have written before, the human mind is fundamentally split and this generates all sorts of insanity that leads to things such as prostatitis.  Here is an example, although women are the subjects of the study.

There are two women I know who are cool because they are into breathwork which I find the most practical thing anyone can do for spirituality and health.  It’s 1000x the potency of yoga if pursued with the passion of a powerlifter and the skill of a ballerina – if that makes any sense…

Anyway, so I got an email from them talking about how one of them ran the NYC half-marathon even though she has an injured knee and a herniated disk.  She wasn’t even a runner, and trained for 4 months religiously on a daily basis.  Why did she do this?  To honor her mom’s commitment to healing and beating cancer a few years back!  By running, she raised over $2,000 for cancer.

On the surface, this sounds really admirable.  But upon closer examination, it is utterly insane.  What sort of self-hate is this?  Are you honoring your mother of honoring your own masochistic (self-sadism) tendencies?  What does this say about why your mother got cancer to begin with?  How much damage was caused to her body by operating it in such a manner with those sorts of injuries?  Did the money even go to her?  No, she pimped her body for some charity that will probably gobble up most of that money in “administrative fees.”

Look, we all suffer from self-hate to one degree or another, and it can be a powerful fuel for change.  But if you are not conscious of it, others will come and use it as powerful fuel for their own goals.


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