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December 17th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

A lot of people want to know what this means.  Despite the fact that prostate problems are caused by DHT and estrogen on the chemical level, all disease starts in the mind.  More specifically, it starts in the mind and then quickly becomes represented in the body.  So when sexual energy doesn’t flow correctly, one develops problems with the reproductive organs.

The most classical example of this is the high occurrence of prostate cancer in the priesthood.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these priests don’t need saw palmetto, they need sex!

So this same example can be applied to other aspects of your life.  Do you have courage?  Do you stand up for what you believe in?  Pursue what you want?  Are you comfortable getting an erection when you talk with a woman?

The best course I ever took was Shamanic Dearmoring because in addition to chinese herbs for enlarged prostate, it gave me all the tools I needed to get into my body and allow my sexual energy to flow freely.  I wish I had taken this course when I was 19, but even though I searched for such a course for nearly 20 years, I didn’t have the fortune to discover it until those 20 years were nearly over.  :(


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