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When one has prostatitis one often has painful ejaculations.  This is usually a sign of some sort of infection.  Doctors will often prescribe antibiotics for this, but the problem is how do you deliver these antibiotics right into the prostate?  In China, antibiotics are often injected into the gland itself.  I am not a fan of any needle piercing the prostate gland.  So I would opt instead for massage.  There is an acrylic “s” wand on the market that will allow a person to perfrom a very hard massage on their prostate and squeeze out any toxins or other junk matter in that manner.  I know some will advise against hard prostate massages, but there is nothing wrong with them.

You can always coat the head of the massager with a topical antibiotic and this is a great way to introduce it to the prostate gland directly.  You can try spiking a lubricant with a top-shelf colloidal silver as well, if you want to go for a more natural route.  This is a home-grown way to deal with acute prostatitis and I would not hesitate to give it a shot.  That is, assuming your problem is bacterial prostatitis.  If there is no bacteria involved, you don’t have to mess with antibiotics nor colloidal silver.


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