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January 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today I went to shop at Trader Joe’s in Manhattan which is always a pleasure because it is so damn crowded.  Nonetheless, the line moves super fast.  Trader Joe’s has really got their shit together, although they don’t carry my Prostate Magic or even some generic saw palmetto formula.  Maybe I should approach them?

What Trader Joe’s is best at is snacks.  I buy my frozen vegetables at Whole Foods, my meat at Big Apple Meat Market (mostly skirt steaks), but Trader Joe’s is the king of snacks.  Plus, they have great house brands on things like ale, when I am in the mood to drink.

What I notice is the vibe and branding feel of their products, which is kind of cutesy and represents honesty and value.  It also seems they only stock items which are winners.  You won’t have a huge selection of snacks, but is is like they researched the most popular and loved snacks – as well as what made them so popular and loved and then decided to carry only those snacks after they super-charged them.

Plus, their snacks are actually rather healthy.  So you don’t have to feel guilty snacking on them.  Mind you, I stay away from the addictive stuff like dark chocolate-covered peanut-butter cups and opt for vegetable chips, granola bars, and dunkable biscotti instead.


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