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January 17th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

It must be like 15 degrees in this town!  But I love the cold.  My body generates so much heat naturally and when it’s summertime I really suffer.  Especially because in Manhattan we have something called “muggy” weather.  Muggy is to Manhattan what smog is to Los Angeles.  But while smog is caused by car exhaust trapped in a stagnant valley, muggy is caused by a certain percentage of buildings in Manhattan burning a very dirty type of oil.

There have been attempts to force landlords to use a slightly more expensive and cleaner oil, but the landlord lobby is very powerful in this town.  So they continue to burn the cheap, dirty oil – which is no big deal in the winter, but in the summer when it is hot and humid… forget about!  It’s hell on earth.  A lot like having prostatitis.

But now it is winter and I am happy.  Cold weather keeps me calm and relaxed.  Plus, since I generate so much heat I don’t need to turn on the heat much and can sleep with a light down blanket.  If I ever need a little bit of help I just put on my $60 Uniqlo down jacket.  If I had one of those massive North Face jackets I could probably just sleep in that!  Just lay down on my bed with no blanket.


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