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January 15th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I have long been a big fan of taking mega-doses of vitamin C.  There are a ton of reasons to do so, but for me the #1 reason is because your adrenal glands are made from vitamin C, and these stress-filled days everyone is suffering from adrenal fatigue.

If your adrenals are weak, then it is hard to keep your HPTA axis running optimally and your testosterone will go down, and your estrogen up.  Very bad for your prostate gland!  So before you think about something lame like saw palmetto, take high-dosages of vitamin C along with Prostate Magic!

The problem with vitamin C is that it doesn’t absorb that well via your digestive system.  Buffered vitamin C (as in sodium ascorbate) still works well, but some will say IV infusion is the way to go.  Personally, I’ve had great success with oral administration, and IV is expensive and time-consuming (assuming you can find a doctor who will administer it), so the alternative is to make your own lyposomal delivery system for ascorbic acid (vitamin C).  “Lyposomal” means “encased in fat” so it won’t be harmed by your digestive system.

Here is a link on how to do it.  Below is a photo of the ultrasonic cleaner that I purchased on ebay:


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