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November 2nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As a lot of you know I live in NYC and we got hit by a really serious hurricane called Sandy.  Several days later, half the city still has no power.  I live in the half that has none. :)   When you have no power, you usually have no heat either, and no water.  No water means you can’t shower or flush your toilet, and that is when the fun begins!

Of course, I am making light of the situation because it is really just a minor inconvenience for me and the power should be restored to all of Manhattan by Saturday.  But for many people, they lost their homes and businesses and it really sucks.  There are a lot of photos floating about (pun intended) on the internet lately (especially on Facebook) and the devastation is incredible.

What this whole experience has brought up for me, is the idea that maybe it is time to move out of New York and head to the American Southwest.  Las Vegas is probably the best fit for me. See, Hurricane Sandy hit 100 miles south of NYC at Category 1 strength – but what if it hit NYC directly?  The destruction would be complete.  What’s worse, is that NYC is a death trap as there really is no way off this island in a disaster except via the small bridges that line the north connecting Harlem with the Bronx.

With the climate change that is afoot (BTW I don’t believe in man-made climate change), we will see a lot more hurricanes like this, and this greatly increases the chances that one of them will score a direct hit on this town.  So it isn’t a question of if, but rather one of when.

It’s fun walking around in the dark at night.  I don’t even use my floodlamp as I have good night vision and don’t want any predators to know where I am due to my light signature.  It’s a blast to sit in a candle-lit bar and sauce it up on ale, but already two assholes tried to stick me up (and failed) and there are reports of looting and roving gangs that the news quashes because they don’t want to give anybody any ideas.  It’s like that massive blackout a few years back – everybody partied the first few days, but after a few days the predators started to show up.

Thank god the food and water never ran out (either then or now) because you would see some ugly shit as New Yorkers are for the most part a bunch of selfish assholes.  I have the right to say that because I was born here and know what I am talking about.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the situation.  Often times in life it isn’t a question of what to do, but rather one of what not to do.  Don’t build a house on the beach, and don’t live in a city that is a death-trap.

Hopefully I will learn my lesson.

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