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So the other night I went to the midnight premier of “Skyfall” with a friend because we like James Bond films.  Especially since Daniel Craig is in it because he brought a certain roughness to the role.

However, Skyfall is shockingly not only the worst James Bond film of all-time, but it marks the death of the masculine archetype that James Bond represented.  I can’t help but think Skyfall is just another conspiratorial nail in the coffin of masculinity…

I believe everybody will agree that a James Bond film has certain attributes that define a “Bond film:”

1. A cool car (phallic symbol).

2. A hot “Bond girl” (who exudes femininity).

3. Cool gadgets and weapons (masculine creationism).

However in Skyfall we experience the complete inversion:

1. No car!  Daniel Craig at one point thaws out from storage the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery’s Bond used to drive, and takes it out to the Scottish Highlands for the final showdown – where the car is utterly destroyed by the homosexual villain who hates his surrogate mom (M).  Destroyed in the Scottish Highlands? How ritualistic is that one?

2. There is an amazing Bond girl in this film played by Berenice Marlohe.  Berenice is a fantastic actress and in her only real scene (see image below) her acting is so convincing I was totally stunned.  I’ve never seen her before, and since she has such great acting skills – I will probably never see her again. :(   Anyway, she is only in the movie for 15 minutes before she is murdered!  By guess who?  The homosexual villain!  Hmmm…

What’s even more interesting is that the Bond character in this film cannot shoot straight (impotence) and because he cannot shoot straight, he cannot save her from execution at the hands of the villain in a shooting competition. LOL!

So Bond gets to fuck Berenice, who is then replaced by this Bond-girl imposter with whom he creates an actual relationship.

Are you serious???  Naomie Harris is no Bond girl.  She’s also totally masculine.  They should have brought out Thandie Newton instead!

But the final nail in the coffin here is that Bond admits to having sex with men whilst tied up on the island fortress of the villain!

3.There are ZERO gadgets and weapons in this film! “Q” is also no longer a wise old man, but some young dandy.  Anticipating that the audience will no doubt be disappointed by the tiny little Walther PPK that Q hands to Bond (along with a radio tracker), the script-writers have Bond ask Q the question the audience would also be asking: “Why are there no gadgets and cool weapons?”  Q’s response is that (I am paraphrasing here): “This is a new era and we don’t use that stuff anymore.”  Again, what’s even more interesting is that Bond’s Walther is coded with a palm print so only he can shoot it.  It’s a symbolic way of saying: “This new James Bond is the new way of masculine power and only those who emulate him can wield it.“  Another observation is that he is also given a radio tracker, which is a symbolic way of saying that this new masculinity needs to be monitored at all times because we don’t trust men anymore.

Actually, the whole of Skyfall is about “The birth of the new era and the phasing out of the old.”  The climax of which is when M is ultimately killed by the villain who also happens to be a former MI6 agent gone rogue (a Luciferian archetype further emphasized by horrendous coloring of said actor’s hair).

Now here is something really cool from a brainwashing perspective:  How is it that the social controllers who made this film cement the whole pile of shit so we can swallow it down and not throw it back up again?

Well, in our society most men have serious issues with their mother.  This is due to a lot of factors, but the most significant thing is that the specific way in which the birthing process has been institutionalized creates birth trauma in the vast majority of the population.  For example, using drugs to induce labor, forceps delivery, caesarean section, etc.  This, followed by circumcision, manifests itself as a distrust of women and a desire to rape and murder them in later life.  While most people repress these feelings – which is quite easy given the way the hippocampus develops, the underlying primal programming continues to operate.

It is this primal programming the creators of Skyfall are accessing, which allows you to empathize with the villain on a mammalian level – and consequently accept all of the new programming he is bearing.

It’s one big celluloid Illuminati ritual if there ever was one.

But what are they phasing out?


…and this:

R.I.P. James Bond 1962-2012

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