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October 25th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I am getting tired of reading all the political comments on my Facebook feed lately.  It amazes me that after all these years on this planet, people still believe that it matters who is president, or that their votes for pretty much any high political office are going to have any sort of impact upon their lives.

Granted, there are little things that one can be grateful for, like the fact that under the current administration we got a few more dollars in extended unemployment benefits, or that women got some free birth control, or something like that.  But seriously, would it have been different in any other way had McCain been president?  Don’t allow yourselves to be distracted by a few pennies tossed in your direction!

My favorite band of all time, The Who, really summed it up in their 1971 (year I was born) song “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

What an incredible track! Yet over 40 years later, people are still getting fooled all the time and it’s quite frankly embarrassing.

But why is that?

Modern life is such that people need things like politics and sports and pundit-talk channels (FOX, MSNBC, etc.) to give them something to project their internal rage on.  It’s a way of bleeding off the accumulated psychic energy that arises because people are actually upset at other things – like their inability to love the way they would want to be able to, and the fact that they feel like they don’t matter.

I blame modern life for this, which traumatizes human beings starting with the birth process and then continuing up until one graduates from high school.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to wake up to the core feeling of disenfranchisement that is powering your life from the shadows and find ways to become empowered.

Often times issues with prostate health can be a blessing because your body is creating a physical manifestation for what is essentially a psychic problem.  See, it’s much harder to ignore a physical problem than it is a psychic one!  Your body  wants you to rise to the challenge and solve its’ problem (physical) – and in the process uncover the real problem (psychic) and resolve that!

How does this look in practice?  Here is a potential scenario:

-Realize you have a prostate problem.
-Purchase a prostate support formula and a sonic massager.
-Discover a lot of repressed sexual energy and lack or self-assertion.
-Get really angry when you watch porn and see some loser having sex with hundreds of smoking-hot women.
-Take up Muy Thai to channel that anger safely.
-Kicking heavy-bags opens up your pelvis even more, allowing sonic massage waves and prostate herbs to go deeper.
-Sexual energy flows better.
-You suddenly find yourself with a smoking-hot woman half your age.

Underlying psychic problem solved!


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