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January 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

To talk more about options that you can take along with Prostate Magic instead of wasting your time with saw palmetto

It is always good to do things that allow you to open up the aggression that is locked into your hips as a result of repressing the full glory of your sexuality.  Once sexuality gets repressed it turns into violence, which is one of the reasons we are always at war.  So I recommend that you take some Thai Boxing classes.  Basically, take one day a week and throw Thai kicks at the bag.  It will do a lot to open up your pelvis along with acupuncture as I mentioned yesterday.  Also, take one day a week and do barbell squats.  Use a 5/3/1 progression and just stay disciplined.

I also recommend Shamanic Dearmoring as the foundation for all of these practices and have talked about the course and practice in earlier posts.  If you embrace your own energy you can accomplish a lot more then if  you fight it.

Anyway, tonight I will go out even though it is almost 10:30 and have a drink.  I haven’t had a good drink in a very long time and am looking forward to some Chimay or other Belgian Ale.


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