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January 22nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Damn, it is snowing in Manhattan and I realize I am out of snickitty-snacks!  So I will head on out to Whole foods and buy some stuff.  Shopping on a Saturday night may seem lame, but I don’t think anybody is out tonight.  Last night I went out to drink and carry on but there was  nobody out as the weather was so crappy.  So I had a delicious Schneider Aventinus at this amazing place called The Cannibal.

Afterwards I went to a Pakistani place and they made me lamb chops from scratch.  Delicious!  But then there was nothing to do as it was so dead outside.  That sucks!

Tonight will probably be just as bad, so I figure I can meet more “game” in Whole Foods then I can in a bar.   Plus, I think I can grab some gelato before Eataly closes, but in case I don’t make it… it’s no big deal!

Sometimes I hate having responsibilities.  I would like to go out for hours and pick up girls, but when you have appointments at noon the next day, work out in the gym on a disciplined schedule, and are working on the launch of a new product, and write blog posts that recommend better options then saw palmetto, you just can’t afford such luxuries and have to be really efficient at how you spend your time.


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