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January 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today I went for my weekly acupuncture sesssion at http://cityacu.net/www.cityacu.net/Home.html which was amazing as usual.  My favorite acupuncturist there is named Naria.  Kinda’ like Narnia from the CS Lewis books.  Anyway, she’s really good.  Knows what she is doing.  You can tell when an acupuncturist knows what they are doing when you can feel the chi (electricity) moving through the meridians (electrical wiring) in your body.

City Acupuncture is what is called a “community acupuncture center” which means everyone is in the same room being treated together.  There are some shoji screens for a bit of privacy which is all you need.  Today was a big surprise because the massage tables were heated!   Normally they give you “space blankets” so that you don’t get cold but I don’t need any of that stuff because I am always hot.  However, heated massage tables are always cool because that intense heat goes right into the kidneys.  It’s like I love a car with heated seats in the winter, and don’t even use the regular heat.  Such an amazing feeling to contrast your hot kidneys against the cold air around you! In China having heated floors is very popular.  The heat enters the kidney meridian through the sole of the foot and warms up your kidneys once again.  If your kidneys are warm, you will be as well.

Anyway, community acupuncture centers have a sliding scale for their services which makes them very affordable.  Weekly acupuncture is like medical insurance: you really can’t get sick when you get needled every week and longevity is much easier to attain.  Chinese medicine is particularly prostate-friendly, so instead of taking saw palmetto, take Prostate Magic, use a sonic prostate massager and get weekly acupuncture sessions!


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