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These days medical insurance is expensive, so what is really important is to be proactive about your health such as by taking a prostate supplement, etc.  Here is how I deal with the health care crisis:

1.Proactively treat the body from a mechanical perspective:

Find yourself the best massage tech, chiropractor or body worker you can find.   Polarity Therapy and Integrative Manual Therapy are the best out there.  Tui Na is fantastic as well.  See your person as often as you can.  Make sure your body is mechanically not grinding itself to dust, and take 4 tablespoons of MSM (organic preferably) daily.  It goes without saying that you should be doing some sort of exercise.  I prefer powerlifting using the 5/3/1 method and doing MMA, but skipping rope is an amazing workout that will do the same for you that jumping on a rebounder does.

2.Proactively treat the body from an electrical perspective:

Your body is filled with electricity.  Acupuncture is inexpensive if you shop around, and you can always purchase an electronic home acupuncture kit and do the basic general treatment protocols on yourself as often as you can.  Take up Reichian breathing.  You’ll never regret that you did.

3.Proactively treat the body from a chemical perspective:

The single most important thing you can do here is eat less. Don’t get fat. lol!  With the money you save eating less, but more good quality supplements like I suggest on this blog.

Get hospital insurance with 100% coverage and no deductible – it is cheap!  You can forgo the other, more expensive forms of insurance because if you follow my advice above, you will never need to see a doctor. :)


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