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March 16th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I went to see my acupuncturist as I mentioned and I have a problem with my stomach.  So no more gelato and I am heartbroken.  My issue has always been that I get really angry and so my liver is always hot, etc.  Naturally, this persuades me to eat ice cream and gelato because they calm down my liver and pacify me temporarily.  The trouble with this is that the liver tends to attack the stomach when it gets too powerful and enraged, and gelato cools down the stomach.  Consequently, the stomach cannot defend itself from the attacks by my liver.

So my acupuncturist prepared me some herbal granules that I can mix as a tea and I will need to drink several times a day.  It’s a lot more work then just popping some beta sitosterol capsules, that’s for sure!  I suppose it’s for the best, as gelato is a dairy product and is a bit bloating and are filled with sugar and such… plus I will be saving about $6/day which is what my gelato habit is costing me… But now I will need to find something else to do to pacify myself.   Maybe eating a pastry?  But one that doesn’t have much sugar like a croissant?  I don’t know…


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