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So I just subscribed to Hulu Plus at ~$7/month after buying these two things and dumping my cable television subscription:

It’s very empowering to free yourself from the monopolistic slavery that is cable television.  Why pay over $100/month to get 100 channels of squat packed with more commercials than you can stand?

Anyway, the first thing I stumbled across on Hulu Plus while flipping through movies was the documentary/propaganda piece “Forks Over Knives.”  I first heard about this film from a customer who was rather adamant that I watch it.  I had been trying to find it for some time, and here it was.

The essence of the documentary is to convince you that eating meat and animal products is bad for you and that you should subsist on a plant-based diet.  For a hardcore carnivore such as myself to have to listen to such drivel for ~90 minutes took a lot of strength because the film is a real mess.  The big problem is that they mix together truths with lies, and… well, let me just go ahead and get into the details…

Some stupid doctors got together and said “Hey we noticed that when we increase the protein in a person’s diet then cancer growth increases and when we decrease protein in the diet the opposite happens.  Our conclusion: protein facilitates cancerous gene expression and is therefore bad for you and it should be avoided.”  This is the main premise of the documentary, although they can’t seem to make up their minds if animal protein is the problem, or just “excessive” protein in general.

Do you see why I call these doctors stupid?  Of course protein facilitates gene expression, but it also facilitates a lot of other gene expressions that are good for you, like muscle growth.  For example, patients wasting away with AIDS are often prescribed the steroid Anavar (Oxandrolone).  Anavar, like other anabolic steroids, triggers the gene expression for building muscle and then protein (from your diet) facilitates the expression of those genes.  Do you think these AIDS patients consider protein a bad thing?

These dumbass doctors (who look like they have AIDS themselves due to their low-protein vegetarian diets) should be looking at what causes cancer (or at least what allows it to become a problem) instead of just hiding out from life by pursuing a death-wish-diet devoid of animal products.

“Forks Over Knives” then proceeds to talk about processed food, excessive salt and sugar, over-consumption, and basically wanders all over the place.  Once again, it is the product of a mind weakened from lack of animal proteins! lolz

Look, I am in agreement with the creators of this documentary that eating processed food is bad, sugar is poison, and that over-consumption of anything is a bad idea.

But the core of the piece is that meat and protein is bad for you and this is fucking retarded.

The reason that cancer and osteoporosis and all these diseases talked about in the film manifest is due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

People are deficient in them because they don’t eat their vegetables.

It’s that simple.

If they ate as much vegetables as they do meat, they would find that the protein from the animal products would not express cancerous genes, but would rather express robust health.  So the documentary is correct that we need primarily to consume a plant based diet, but unless you are eating steaks the size of an inner-tube as depicted in the film, don’t cut back on the meat.

Just eat your vegetables!

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