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October 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I saw this video on youtube the other day…

I am a big fan of Michael, and very pleased that he is taking his investigations into alternative history in a direction that has a lot of social resistance of late.  Meaning, that the trend since at least 2000 has been more-and-more anti-men and pro-women, which basically means that it is now okay for women to beat on men with impunity.

There is a 2-part video (also available on youtube) which pokes fun at the whole debacle:


So in light of this trending bullshit a brilliant researcher like Michael suddenly declaring that the “invisible hand” behind the world is in fact female in gender is a very bold declaration indeed!

After all, we’ve been utterly brainwashed to look at men as the architects of social reality and the perpetrators of violence, with women falling into line and wailing in sorrow, while suffering rape.  Yeah, that pretty much sums up the collective thought on the subject…

But as Mr. Tsarion makes a brilliant point in this video, and if I can paraphrase it, I would say: “Who birthed those men who put the world to the sword?  What sort of women were they”  What sort of genetic code were they carrying?  What sort of morality did they impart?”

I mean, what mom raises her son to be a homicidal maniac who would enslave the world?

These are all very important questions.

In fact, questions about how reality is constructed are perhaps the most important questions that can be asked.  Why do you think they built that collider at CERN?  They are attempting to deconstruct reality – and not just to know it, but to shape it as well.

But I digress…

On the journey to reclaiming your prostate health, it is imperative that you get your relatings with women figured out.  In this respect Tsarion’s video is stellar, because he brings into the light that notion that there is some deep shit at the root of the war of the sexes that we experience today.

Speaking of bringing things to light about women, here is a brilliant essay I uncovered directed at women entitled, “How To Orgasm” or something like that…




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