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September 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

So I was out in Las Vegas for 1 week and now I am back in NYC and depressed as hell.  Well, actually depression is the wrong word.  I don’t suffer from depression because in order to be depressed you need to repress your rage.  I don’t repress my rage. :)   I wrote an article on my method to release rage on my tongkat ali website.

Anyway, I just feel like someone took a shit in my auric field.  In Vegas it is sunny every day and peacefully quiet.  In NYC it has been gloomy every single day since I returned, humid and stagnant, raining… and all the presidential idiots are in town clogging up the streets, frustrating people to no end.  There are literally sirens 24 hours a day.

It’s kinda’ funny how I can be one place (like Las Vegas) and be smiling every damn day even on bad days, and then be here in NYC and it just isn’t like that.  I was born here and spent my life here, but I really don’t appreciate what it has turned into.  A psychic cesspool. As a matter of fact, the constant sirens are indicative of how many people are “drowning” in this city.  That which occurs on the energetic plane eventually manifests on the physical one in terms of sickness and accidents.

So… when I was in Vegas I met a woman and she gave me the contact information for a locational astrologer.  She wanted me to contact him.  I tried one of these guys years ago and I though he was an idiot, but I think the problem was that the source who referred him to me was corrupted.  This woman was not so, and so I have the thought it will be worth a try.

So far the only places I really love in America are in the Southwest (Arizona, Nevada, etc.).  I also like California.  Funny, the locational astrologer I once went to recommended Santa Barbara as the only place in the world for me.  I don’t like Santa Barbara!  I paid the place a visit and I hated it.  Also, how could there be only one place good for me?  Then again, with my luck it’s probably true!

I shall keep everyone posted.

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