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I was asked today on Facebook if I had ever done the Dr. Hulda Clark liver/gallbladder flush? I remember her landmark book like 20 years ago where she titled it “The Cure For All Diseases” or something shocking like that.  A lot of her protocols that involve electronics I don’t agree with (I prefer the work of Bob Beck), but she broke serious ground on some issues and I have a lot of respect for her.

The Hulda Clark protocol requires days of drinking ice cold epsom salts which would normally induce vomiting except for the fact they are ice cold and you would be fasting. This is alleged to cause sufficient dilation of the ducts so nothing will stick in them. Most gallstone flushes leave out the Epsom Salts and just go with the grapefruit juice/olive oil which means that the ducts may not dilate sufficiently and stones could get stuck.  Incidentally, I find drinking grapefruit juice mixed with olive oil to be far nastier then drinking Epsom Salts – which I will admit are hard to keep down even when ice cold.

But the protocol does work where other such flushes fail. I suppose success always has a high price tag attached?

If you are down for killing parasites, then as I said I go for the Bob Beck units which have been perfected by the Germans, and are easy to use. In my personal health history, I used this magnetic pulser http://www.nulife.de/lshop,showdetail,16618,e,1339191437-16618,,w-0112,,,0.htm to kill all the flukes and worms which works like magic.  It was only after using this that I did the Clark liver/gallbladder flush.   The magnetic pulser had removed a sheep liver fluke from my own liver and killed it’s eggs, whereas the flush took out the dead babies.  It was super gross.

I also like drinking DILUTED clove oil that is certified for human consumption. But don’t get crazy about parasites. The human body is perfectly okay with a certain spectra of them. The dangerous ones are liver flukes and worms, which are easy to get rid of with the above techniques.

What about Candida?  If you want to go electronic, you will need this unit: http://www.nulife.de/lshop,showdetail,16618,e,1339200606-18166,,w-0108,0,Tshowdetail–001–w-0112,0.htm


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