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I bought a DVD documentary film the other day called “Eat The Sun.”

The story is about this guy (named Mason) who saw the infamous “HRM” speak at a lecture about how he never eats for years and just extracts energy from the sun via his optic nerve. HRM has been tested several times and apparently has a pineal gland several times normal size as a result of this practice.

So Mason does the practice and also stops eating. Naturally, he has trouble integrating into society and so he decides to travel the world asking other sungazers for advice on the path. Ultimately, Mason stops sungazing, goes back to eating food, and moves back home to rural Vermont (from San Francisco) to work as an acupuncturist.

What many people fail to realize, is that sungazing is meant as a supplementary practice so those seeking samadhi in remote areas would not be dependent on food. When this practice is employed in a stand-alone fashion, one has nothing to fill the void that eating filled, and disturbances result.

Below is another excellent piece on breatharianism, although the subject did not attain it via sungazing…

This goes to show you that various methods can lead on to accessing a different sort of energy, and prompt you to give up your dependence on food… and that eating is a huge psychological issue for us because we use eating to repress what is really going on for us.

For myself, over the last 2.5 years I have been religiously doing a practice that involves using breath to wake up one’s latent and primal biological energies. So far the energies have ruptured my appendix twice, and each time I don’t have much pain and can function. I am scheduled to have it removed over the next few weeks. Initially I was going to keep it in as it had healed after the first rupture, but a second rupture so soon after the first tells me that my body wants it out.

So my breath practice and also my working out at the gym has come to a screeching halt and will remain on hold over the next few months which is rather heart-breaking. I was really looking forward to transformation, but often transformation doesn’t unfold the way one would like and often the end product may be totally unexpected. One can only hold on.

But what is interesting, is that as this process has been going… I don’t suffer from hunger or feel the need to eat at all. Even when I am in the hospital for days without food, I am never hungry or desirous of food. Even now, I eat mostly because I have the idea that I should, or because it pacifies some psychological need.

I have met some breatharians before in China, and they all looked fantastic and younger then their actual years, but I have never had such ambitions and I don’t think one can have such an ambition. It is more like it “just happens” and you either support it or you don’t.


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