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Marijuana is an interesting drug, and like most drugs it is probably good for certain people at certain times.  For example, it may be good for someone who is really compulsive or can’t stop their mind long enough to fall asleep.  Marijuana also has beneficial medical uses such as being anti-nausea, supporting patients with cancer, etc.

But even in states that allow for “medical marijuana,” most people are just abusing the statute for getting high.   Is there anything wrong with this?   People drink and smoke tobacco, only to end up in car accidents or die from cancer and nobody seems to care – why not legalize pot and generate tax revenue from it?  Proponents of legalizing this drug have a lot of powerful arguments, but there is something left out of the debate on both sides that is very important to put on record.

I was listening to radio talk-show host Michael Savage last night and he said something very important: About 20% of the population will suffer psychotic breaks from smoking dope (assuming the entire population is smoking) because they are not capable of handling the high THC levels in today’s genetically-modified marijuana.  This often-overlooked fact is even more important now that liquid and pill THC extracts are available that people drop into beer at parties.

In the psychiatric field such psychotic breaks are referred to often-times as “dual diagnosis” which means that the shrinks in the mental hospital can’t figure out if drugs are responsible for the psychotic break or not.  I first learned of this when I dropped off my best friend in a psychiatric hospital after he lost his mind from chain-smoking high-potency pot over a long period of time.  The doctors explained to me that the marijuana had damaged my friend’s mind so much, he could never smoke again once he had been stabilized with anti-psychotics because smoking pot would just trigger another break.  Naturally a few months later he went back to smoking pot, lost his mind once again, and proceeded to chop off his left hand with an axe.

When I visited him in the nuthouse afterwards, it was like he was possessed by a demon.  Modern science doesn’t believe in such things, but I do.  I use the word “demon” because it is a word that would be understood by most, yet it is a poor word because it has all this religious baggage attached to it.  Nonetheless, it the word I will go with.

It is said that alcohol is referred to as “spirits” because the act of being drunk allows foreign energies to inhabit you and take over.  The same goes for the usage of any drug.  In the case of my friend, suffering that last psychotic break must have created the space for something to possess him.  It takes a hell of a lot to chop off your own hand with an axe!

Take these two recent news stories and you tell me that “demons” aren’t involved:



The same caveats go for the ingestion of ayahuasca and other psychoactives… my shamanic teacher told me that this stuff is for usage one time, and only when an initiate basically fails at other methods.  These substances are not to be taken multiple times or for entertainment or something like that.

Of course, everyone will do as they like, and I have known some people who have benefited greatly from using MDMA, LSD, mushrooms, etc.  But the number of people I have known who have been damaged (often irreparably) by these substances is incredible.  What’s sad is, they usually don’t even know how damaged they are.



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