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January 26th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I decided to make bacon and eggs with my new frying pan and I scrambled 12 eggs!  I’m crazy sometimes.  I also ate a whole package of bacon along with it.  But it’s cool, I don’t worry about cholesterol or any of that nonsense just like I don’t worry about not having any saw plametto because I have plenty of Prostate Magic!

Cholesterol is what your body needs to make hormones from.  It only gets used to gunk-up your arteries when you are suffering from sub-clinical scurvy like most Americans are from a lack of vitamin C.  I did a post recently on how to make the best type of vitamin C supplement yourself by bonding ascorbic acid with fat.

Either way, I get NOW brand chewable vitamin C tablets in cherry-berry flavor and pop them like candy throughout the day.  I probably consume 3-5 grams a day in this manner, so I’m hardly vitamin C deficient.

It’s funny how your whole life you are fed nothing but lies and fearful nonsense about your health.  Some of these lies are:

1.Fat makes you fat.

2.Fat gives you cholesterol and heart attacks/strokes.

3.If you don’t wear a condom you will get AIDS.

4.Doing cardio is the best way to burn calories.

The list goes on-and-on!


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