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January 26th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

There is a lot of fuss made on how to cook your food so you have the best health and don’t end up having to add saw palmetto to your diet.  Obviously cooking with a microwave oven is pretty stupid.  Sure it’s convenient, but it’s dangerous.  You know what I cook my food in?  One of those NuWave Turbo Ovens that you see on TV.  I know, I know… it must be crap if it is on TV, right?  Wrong!  My friend had one for over 1 year and a made fun of him until he told me how good it was.  So I picked on up for a song on ebay and you know what?  It cooks so well, it is healthy, doesn’t make smell in the house… even after 6 months the plastic housing has 2 monster cracks and it keeps right on cooking.  I think they key is to get an infrared oven of this type that is pure infrared and none of that halogen bullshit.  Who the hell cooks with a lightbulb – let alone one that starts fires?

But the coolest thing is I bought one of those non-stick frying pans from TV the other day and it is really cool.  I love making bacon and eggs and I used it for the first time today.  I think it is called the “Green” pan for something like.   It works as promised, and is actually very well made.


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