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January 27th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes when you take a real prostate formula such as Prostate Magic instead of saw plametto, seemingly strange things can happen on the road to healing.  For example, one may wake up in the early morning hours with pain in the prostate.  This is a sign that the body is healing.  When one has a prostate problem the prostate is always in pain, only your body becomes numb to the pain.

Being able to feel the pain again is proof you are traveling backwards in time on the road to healing because you have traveled back past the numbness and are now in the world of sensation and feeling – where you can discharge the deep emotions and sexual energy that is bound up in the gland.

A good parallel example of this is when one wakes up at night with a cramp in the calf muscle.  The reality is that your calf muscle was ALWAYS cramped up – but now your body feels it is “safe” to relax, so it passes from a totally numb and perpetually locked-up state, into the realm of pain and locking… and THEN into the state of relaxation.  People have SO MUCH TROUBLE grasping this concept but it is critical to understand.  They have trouble grasping it because they are numb and therefore asleep to their bodies.  They think “lack of pain” means everything is allright, but it is actually the most dangerous place to be – if their “lack of pain” is due to numbness, because their bodies may screaming out something and they can’t even hear it.

Back to the prostate… it is when these painful sensations pop up that you may want to use an aneros prostate massager or one of those sonic prostate massagers from prostatemate.com and really explore that pain via massage to facilitate healing.

Sure, there are all these conflicting studies about how much masturbation is healthy for the prostate, does the choline in eggs increase your risk for prostate cancer, etc.  What to believe?

Believe in the wisdom of your body!


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