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January 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today, instead of talking about saw palmetto I will talk about aloe vera.  For a long time people have been encouraging me to drink Aloe Vera because it is supposed to be so healing for your digestive system.  But I hesitate because I don’t want to go buy 1 gallon of the stuff in drink it down over the course of a day and repeat this for 7 days or whatever the health food extremists advocate.  I have done plenty of extreme stuff, but after all these years I can finally admit that slow-and-steady may be the wiser choice that pays off better in the long run!

So I was talking to my ingredient supplier the other day and he told me about his new aloe vera plant on the market that hails from South Africa.  It’s called Aloe Ferox and is so potent, you just need to take a few capsules a day and it will totally clean you out and heal you.  It’s not that common an ingredient and even specialty vitamin shops are like “WTF?” but there are a couple places on the web selling it really cheap ($10-$20/bottle) so I ordered 3 bottles and will give it a try.

I had colonics when I was younger and eat mostly meat and vegetables but the other day I had blood in my eye in an area that on an iridology chart would indicate that there is something up with my sigmoid colon.  So it seems a good time to try out this new ingredient on myself!


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