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January 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today I am extra miserable, but I had a fun time at Real Fighting class.  Another good thing for your health as a man is to do some sort of combat sport.   It should be pretty obvious why this is so.  Do powerlifting and some fighting sport like MMA or Muy Thai.

As men we have a lot of rage built up, but often times we aren’t in touch with it.  Rage and violence are primal things that are closely related to sexuality.  In order to liberate one’s sexuality and achieve prostate health so that you don’t need to take saw palmetto one day, it is important that one liberates one’s rage and violence because it is often like a cap on top of all that pure sexual energy.

Besides taking a course like Shamanic Dearmoring, taking a combat sport or a realistic fighting class is a big help.  It’s more then just that it takes away fear or gives you confidence or any of that bullshit… No, it’s because when you seek to reclaim  your manhood, you will be tested – as one of my bouncer friends is fond of saying about his job.  Just the act of having authoritative energy from breathwork will attract people to test you with violence, and this is what you are preparing for.


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