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February 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One of the most important endocrine feedback loops of interest to a man is related to his testosterone levels.  Testosterone is a big issue these days, as the levels keep dropping across mankind with each and every passing year.  This is mostly due to external factors in the environment and not easy to combat.  However, we combat the problem nonetheless by taking natural or medical approaches to raising our testosterone levels.  Before doing so, it is critical to understand what happens in your body when you raise your testosterone levels.

Most people believe that taking herbs or injecting testosterone will teach your body it doesn’t need to produce it’s own testosterone and it will shut down.  This is not true.  What happens is every body has a limit as to how much testosterone it will tolerate before it shuts down production of it in order to get back into what it considers an optimal range.  This is why natural supplements such as tongkat ali (a real pro-man supplement as opposed to saw palmetto) must be cycled so that your testosterone levels don’t get so high they trigger your feedback loop and cause a temporary shutdown.

When you take injections or use gels, often times the levels in your body of testosterone get so high, so fast… that the body shuts down your natural production really, really fast.  As injections and gels are never cycled, the body stays “off” for so long… that when you stop the injections and gels, it is like a Ferrari that has been in storage for 20 years without a periodic running of the engine.


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