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February 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

As I may have said before, I live in New York City and the price of everything keeps going up.  As I follow mostly a paleo/primal/weston diet, I can eat like a king by purchasing my frozen vegetables at Whole Foods, my meat at Big Apple Meat Market, and eggs at one of the supermarkets in a nearby housing project.  It’s an awesome deal except for the fact that I have to go to three different places to buy food.  It’s a lot of walking in a way…

So today I got super mad because I am not on some anti-man nonsense like saw palmetto.  Mad because of what a waste of time walking around shopping really is.  Then I remembered Fresh Direct which delivers food to you.  Lots of Manhattanites use this service, so I figure I would check out their website.  What a shitty place.  I mean, they have great branding and obviously have a great concept – and I am sure their food is indeed fresh… but they are so fucking expensive.  Not expensive compared to Whole Foods in terms of meat, but expensive compared to what I believe food should cost! lol  They have good prices on eggs considering that they will be delivered, but that’s about it!  No inexpensive frozen vegetables, etc.  Oh well…


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