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February 7th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

For those of you who have discovered that saw palmetto, beta sitosterol and all that nonsense doesn’t work as well as Prostate Magic and are getting results with my formula… I want to remind you once again about the Prostate Mate which is an amazing product.  You might see it advertised on my “pop under.”  I get zero commissions for advertising their product, I just think it is that good.

Prostate massage will accelerate the speed of your results, but prostate massage is considered messy and a lot of work.  In the past I used the self-propelled prostate massagers from Aneros and High Island Health and I think they are amazing.  However, a lot of people are still turned off by the size, and the fact they have to put effort and time into using them.

Such concerns disappear with the Prostate Mate.  It’s about the size of an electric toothbrush (without any head or bristles lol) and so it is easy to insert without feeling like you are being violated.  Once it is in, you don’t have to move it around or press against anything or do any work.  Simply turn it on and in a few minutes you will hear a beep to let you know you are finished.


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My All-Natural Prostate Formula Has Given Results In As Little As 3 Days, Because My Prostate Supplement Uses Chinese Herbs - With A Track Record Thousands of Years Long.

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