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Sadly, most of life seems to reflect what we see in sitcoms and nobody should be laughing.

For example, today I was watching an older episode of Two And A Half Men and as much as I like this show, I was reflecting on how sad and upsetting it is under the waves of laughter it incites.  Even Charlie Sheen’s character is a bit infuriating because how many men in reality have a life like his character does?  If anything, watching him must create a subconscious sense of dissatisfaction in millions of men.  Just like the character of George Jefferson must have created a lot of dissatisfaction and longing in the black community back in the day.  Anyway, looking at the characters played by Charlie Sheen and his on-screen brother (played by Jon Cryer) you really begin to realize a lot of things about the state of relationships in this country.

A woman I know posted the following on Facebook:

“I love how being single and deciding to focus on your own happiness, goals, plans, etc ALWAYS opens the door for folks to start coming at you strong. Sorry but I can’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire. I opened myself up to dating after getting out this long relationship. The offers are most certainly there but this time, I’m choosing to replace an ex with my dreams and goals instead of another man. All interested parties should feel I’m worth the wait and may the best man win…just not today.”

This woman is cool in my book, and it is not my intention to mock her, but one thing I keep noticing over-and-over is just how many humans never really grew up when it came to love and sex.  They remain stuck in some sort of childhood forever, and this really impacts who you are – especially as a man, and especially with respect to your prostate which is the root of your being as a man.

The reality of human life is that humans need to be in relationship for most of the time.  That’s our basic nature.  Notice I didn’t say it had to be a monogamous relationship, just that we need to be relating to one another in terms of sex and affection, etc. on a continuing basis for the most part.  But the tragedy is that we are a planet of people who are stuck in a traumatic childhood, and therefore cannot handle neither sex nor love.  Most of our lives are spent single, or in unsatisfactory relationships that end in an unsatisfying manner because they are built upon a foundation of unresolved childhood trauma.  Even for those of us who have handled our issues, we then find that oftentimes nobody is there to play with us because like attracts like.

The Facebook quote above is actually quite ridiculous when it is given some thought:  shouldn’t a relationship help you to achieve your dreams and goals?  Why should it do the opposite?  Well, only if you have a ton of unresolved parental drama that you refuse to deal with…

There are a couple rules that people need to commit to memory to serve as guidance as they walk through life:

1.You can have sex with a total stranger and have a deeper connection then with those you know and love.

2.You can be in love with someone and have a very deep heart connection – yet zero sexual chemistry.

3.The need for sex and the need for love are two different things.

4.You’ve got to stop being so attached if someone you have sex with or whom you love, has sex with or loves someone else – or moves on.  It isn’t the end of the world.

5.Most importantly…  stop using sex and love as tools to manipulate – it’s even worse then charging money for these things.

What do I mean by this?  Most women are using sex to hook a guy for love and financial support, and most men are using love and money to hook women for sex.

This is incredibly messed up, especially the trading of sex for love and vice-versa which is a 1000-fold more prevalent and far more destructive because it dances around those fires of unresolved childhood issues that are at the root of most of the misery on this planet – instead of extinguishing this fire and moving into adulthood.

Your role as a man – and your path to perfect prostate health, lies on this path.

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