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A lot of times I enjoy writing about masculinity, because the topic of masculinity is so important and it is fundamental to prostate health.    But the question often comes up as to what masculinity really is.  Some people may think it is about getting stuff done, or having big muscles or something.  You know, the typical archetype of the “alpha male.”

I think if you were to define masculinity, it is the ability to have insight into what is real and true, and then to act on it in order to manifest a particular vision that is in alignment with it.  This puts a whole different angle on the whole notion of “getting stuff done” because what gets done needs to be in alignment with what is real and true.

Where most people fail is in their inability to see what is real and true.  Until you can see this in yourself, you won’t be able to see it in others – specifically women, and will be incapable of relating with women in a manner which reinforces you masculine sense of self.  If you will be able to relate with women at all, it will be in the role of a son to his mother.  Here is one particular manifestation of this paradigm:

Many women I have run across in my life, have a lot of issues around sex and lack both the strength and courage to resolve them.  This is because for a woman, her sexual organs are much like a man’s heart.  Meaning, these are very vulnerable areas for each respective gender.  In other words, the same way that men have a lot of trouble with feelings… women have a lot of trouble with sexuality.  This isn’t some hard-coded thing (as men are actually most gifted in their hearts as women are between their legs), it’s just the natural result of inherent weaknesses – exacerbated by the social sickness that tells women that sex is no good and men that feelings are no good.

Now these women know that they have a serious problem, which is: “How do I get a man to enter into a relationship with me given this serious handicap of mine?  I mean, I don’t really need the sexual aspects of a relationship, but I need the other aspects. What to do?”

So these women attempt to trick the man into entering in a relationship with them, basically stating or implying that sexual fulfillment for the man will come in the future IF they do X, Y, and Z first.   This could be getting a better job, fulfilling their emotional needs, whatever…  When I say “sexual fulfillment” I am not talking about her doing something for you in the bedroom, I am talking about her being something for you in the bedroom.

But the woman NEVER intends to deliver the goods she promised, and she feels it will be an easy scam to get her needs met while dodging the resolution of her own issues – since she knows most men are actually little boys who are fundamentally more interested in being mothered by a woman instead of fucking her brains out – no matter how much pornography they consume in an attempt to point to the contrary.

Of course in the beginning it is a difficult neural switcharoo – since she has used sexual attraction to lure him in.  Therefore, the woman will need to employ every tool at her disposal in the initial stages… she will use guilt (calling him selfish), she will claim that she needs to feel “safe and loved” in order to enjoy sex… basically she will be struggling to access and trigger ALL of the brainwashing the man got from his mother – in an attempt to become the man’s 2nd mother!

A man must put a stop to this sort of script at all costs, for just like in a romance novel where the woman’s nature civilizes the savage beast in the man, the man brings out the woman’s nature first with his beast-ness.

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