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December 15th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Another thing to look into instead of saw palmetto is to look into taking large dosages of vitamin C.  I take 5 grams a day, which is 5,000 mg.  Your adrenal glands are literally made from Vitamin C, and in today’s stress-filled world the adrenal glands are often the weakest link in a man’s endocrine chain.

It stands to reason that a healthy endocrine system is key to dealing with the two root causes of prostate problems, which are excessive DHT and excessive estrogen.

You will want to take sodium ascorbate which is a buffered vitamin  C, meaning that it has a neutral pH.  If you take 5 grams of ascorbic acid you may end up pissing razor blades!

So give it a try as an extra natural prostate treatment in addition to Prostate Magic.  Vitamin C in high dosages has so many amazing benefits.  There are entire books written on them.

As a matter of fact, after reading online that some study demonstrated that high-dose C dissolves the amyloid plaques responsible for alzheimers, I signed my mom up for IV treatments of vitamin C.  She starts tomorrow.


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