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December 29th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So I am relaxing in Boca Raton for the week and will return to New York City on January 1st.  It’s aways great to fly when nobody else is.  For example, I flew down here the day after Christmas and nobody wants to fly that day so the airport was mostly dead and the prices rather cheap.  I am flying back on New Year’s Day as well which will keep costs and crowding to a minimum.

Being on vacation it is easy to be lazy – especially when you are in the right sort of company. ;)   So I’ve been lying about all day, taking a break from nearly everything such as working out, meditation, etc., and just updating my blogs and remembering to take my vitamins and my prostate formula that is way better then saw palmetto.

Recently I am getting more into the B vitamins which is something I used to neglect.  I take a 10,000mcg daily dose of B12, along with 1.5mg of folic acid because those two things really help to build up your blood.  Not that I have a problem, but my mom does have a problem with anemia and I discovered some years ago on a blood test that my iron was low.  Since then I take a daily 26mg of iron from natural sources so that I don’t get constipated, along with molybdenum which facilitates iron absorption.  Hair analysis revealed that I am low on that as well.  When you combine these dosages of B12, folic acid, and molybdenum with iron, you can get your blood very strong and not suffer from anemia.


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