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December 27th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

If you suffer from prostatitis or simply enlargement, you may wonder if adopting a raw diet is of any benefit.  The answer is yes, but while one should begin with a raw vegan diet, it should only be in the beginning to facilitate cleansing.  Once that has been done for a few months, one should move over to eating raw meat.

I know the idea of eating raw meat sounds crazy, but there is a wonderful book on the subject.  I myself ate nothing but raw meat for almost 2 years and the healing benefits are fantastic.  However, I would not go with the meat immediately, but rather get a juicer and live on nothing but juices and non-meat items in the beginning.

The problem with most raw foodists is that most of them are vegans and over time they harm themselves by living in this manner.  They say in Buddhism that a cultivation method is like a boat, and once you cross the river you discard it and don’t go through the rest of your life carrying the boat on your back.

It is the same thing with avoiding meat – it is a method to cultivate health, but once you attain your health you need to go back to building up your power. Enter, raw meat!


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