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February 21st, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

It has been suggested that modern diets world-wide (including Africa) supply an insufficient amount of prostaglandins that are necessary for easy dilation and delivery during the birth process.

Rather than address this issue, we have instead created a “birth culture” that revolves around caesareans, drug-induced deliveries to accommodate busy hospital schedules and all sorts of procedures that cause unresolvable psychosomatic problems in each generation that is subjected to them.

So while I agree that not everybody can give birth naturally without complications, everybody needs to be aware of the consequences of our current birth culture and I believe this video raises awareness for what is possible.

It’s pretty awesome what can be accomplished when one gets in touch with one’s biological reality. I guess there is no need for all those drugs and operations that lead to traumatic births and life-long damage in individuals?

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