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December 11th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Prostate massage is an integral part of prostate care.  Naturally it is hard today to find doctors who will do prostate massage, and even in massage parlors it is hard to get this service done unless you are in Thailand of China.  Actually, I know several individuals who suffered from prostatitis who went to China to have a doctor perform a treatment that consisted of injecting antibiotics into the gland and performing daily, intense massage to get stones and toxins out of the gland.

In America there is another famous urologist who performs extremely rough prostate massages because he thinks a lot of pressure is needed.

I used to use the Aneros massager but these days I use the Prostate Mate.  What’s so great about their massager is that:

1. It takes only 2 minutes a day.

2. It operates like a Sonikkare (purposely mis-spelled) toothbrush with a timer.

3. No mess.

4. Easy insertion.

But what’s most important is that it uses sound waves (hence my comparison to a sonic toothbrush) that are far more effective then the simple vibrations of a motor twirling and off-balance counter-weight.   These sound waves are what enable such fast sessions with such superb healing results.

With the Prostate Mate, taking responsibility for your prostate health is as easy as taking responsibility for your dental health.  You can massage your prostate before you take a shower and it will take the same length of time it would take to brush your teeth.  Before you know it, prostate massage would be a habit just like cleaning your teeth.


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