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February 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was just having a conversation with my father and he was talking about how when you are over 80, you look at the world very differently then you do when you are 30… and that I should seek out a partner… well, duh!

He went on to say that people who are married live longer, etc., but I was quick to retort that I don’t care one whit about the length of my life, but rather the quality of it.  Not to be dramatic about it, but if you incarnated into an existence in a hell realm, you’d be happy if your life was short, no?  Duh!

But finding a partner who makes you happy is like winning the fucking lotto.  Sure you can go out there and solicit women like there is no tomorrow.  You can be tall, handsome and have the gift of gab, and still nothing comes your way or if it does – it gets torn away very quickly.

This isn’t to say that you should give up and stay home downloading movies all day long and jerking off to porn, naturally… it’s just that sometimes you can only do your best, and if it isn’t good enough (like a saw palmetto supplement lol), too fucking bad – especially for you! lol

Nobody wants to get old alone, or be lonely, or any of that… but should you start “settling” when your standard really aren’t very high to begin with?  People are always doing stuff out of fear, and it is just no way to live.


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