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January 12th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

You know what shocks me about cable tv?  The fact that you have to pay money to watch commercials.  The building I live in has always had cable tv but we used to get it discounted so it was like $10/month.  Recently things changed, and the bill went up to $90/month.  $90 for a ton of horrendous channels so loaded with commercials I gave up watching the damn thing years ago.  There is literally nothing on anyway, unless you want to watch endless documentaries about Hitler, or shows on how shavers are manufactured.  The later is actually interesting… to think that somebody had to actually design an automated factory!  These are the real unsung heroes of our time!

Anyway, I asked around as to why I would have to pay $90 for such junk – how much is it with the cool channels?  Then I find out people are paying upwards of $150/month for cable!  WTF?  So I called up my cable provider and asked for the cheapest package which is like $20/month and they cut my channels to almost nothing.  Why the hell am I paying $20 for basic channels which are FREE anyway?  You can always buy a digital dish too get them.  This type of lack-of-integrity is why there are so many prostate problems to begin with!



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