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January 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I know the hot story in the news right now is these marines desecrating the corpses of their enemies. Such a big production over nothing. I mean, the only thing I take issue with is that these marines would choose to film such things and upload them to youtube… the fact that they did something like that makes me suspicious, because common sense says you don’t do things that make your country look bad – especially in light of the whole Abu Ghraib scandal. What soldier in his right mind would undo all the work our nation had to put in so as to repair our image? Because of this, I have the suspicion that this was done on purpose to undermine our military or something like that.

But ultimately it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you live. Below is a great video on how to deal with your mind. I know a lot of cool videos, but this one is pretty good. Perhaps more therapeutic then saw palmetto. Maybe I will post some other great videos from UG Krishnamurti or Shantam Nityama. They will be of big help in managing the stresses of life. Before one takes up meditation one should do a physical practice like Shamanic Dearmoring, but before one does so one should know where one is going, because what starts in the body really starts and ends in the mind.


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