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March 27th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

What a great headline… Anyway, today I want to talk about something that annoys me.  I ship a lot of international packages and I don’t use tracking on international shipments to keep costs down.  So sometimes packages get lost.  Truth be told, packages only started getting lost recently, so I suspect foul-play somewhere along the postal chain.  Why?  I have no idea, but when you ship for years without many problems and suddenly a percentage of  your beta-sitosterol packages goes missing something is up.  It started with local packages, and so I started using tracking.  The disappearing packages stopped, but then my international packages started going missing.  So it’s pretty obvious some disgruntled individual is making short-work of my shipments.  I’ve heard stories of postmen and UPS drivers dumping their shipments in the river or in abandoned houses so this really isn’t a surprise.

So one customer recommended I ship internationally with DHL, and I spent a long time today filling out the credit application to open up an account.  When I got around to sending my first package, these asshole wanted over 10x the price that the post office charges to ship internationally.  I sent them an angry email, and I am waiting for their reply.  There  is something very wrong with the world we live in, that’s all I can say!


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